Why be a sponsor?

Knowledge, interest, and willingness alone are not enough for the achievement of Team Terminators’ mission.

Team Terminators is looking forward to participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition. The team is comprised of members that are dedicated to achieving this goal, cooperative and capable to contribute in the success and completion of the mission. However, knowledge, interest, and willingness alone are not enough for the achievement of Team Terminators mission.

The budget required for our team’s participation is not possible to be covered by the members. Therefore, sponsorships are the key to our team’s success. The sponsors are asked to fund either a part of the program or the whole process of participation in the competition. More specifically:

  • Terminators need equipment for the construction and the programming of the robot as well. Tools and additional components are necessary.
  • The team must travel to New York, USA and specifically in the NY State’s town Troy. This transatlantic travel, as well as the team’s transport to/from the airports and the hotel, must be supported by financially.

  6   reasons to fund our team!


It is the first time that a Greek team aims to compete in a competition of such competitiveness and STEM knowledge level requirement.


Previous Experience: The team has already participated in competitions of educational robotics in Greece, winning many awards.


The FRC competition is the “Ultimate Sport for the Mind” and gets students as close to the real-life engineering as possible.


Our team has the potential to compete next to top teams in the disciplines of science and technology.


Investment in the Future
Terminators is a team with consistency, which will continue to initiate students in the world of science and technology with continuity in time. Terminators’ team members will become leaders in STEM and the workforce for years to come. Therefore, you are investing in the skills of possible future employees!


Growth Opportunities
With your sponsorship, Terminators will have the opportunity to offer the students of the provincial town of Karditsa, state-of-the-art programs for students’ growth and education.


For more information please refer to our sponsorship package, available in English and Greek.

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